Professional Development for YCS Staff

This Module will review creating, sharing, and editing the different types of documents available in Google Drive.

Learning to use more advanced features and formulas in Excel (VLookup, Concatenate, Counta, If Functions, and etc.)

Tell Me A Story - Digital Storytelling

"Digital storytelling" is a relatively new term which describes the new practice of ordinary people who use digital tools to tell a 'story'. Digital stories often present in compelling and emotionally engaging formats, and can be interactive.

The term "digital storytelling" can also cover a range of digital narratives (web-based stories, interactive stories, hypertexts, and narrative computer games)

21st Century Skills

This course will allow users to incorporate technology into the curriculum, download templates and other resources to enhance their technology skills for the 21st century.  Users will have the ability to engage their students in a variety of multimedia learning.  All tools do not have to used at once.  Start small and build from there.

In short, it is a fun learning environment that can be used exclusively for instruction or as a supplement to traditional teaching methods.


Step Into the Big "E".  Learning how to use and work in Excel

Create your own website.

Online Professional Development

Edpuzzle is proud to announce our newest addition: the Edpuzzle PD Certification Programs! A set of highly-curated online courses for teachers and admins that will help you master key skills for the modern classroom.