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Folder ASD Eligibility in the Young Child Workshop Handouts


Topic 1 Folder START Foundations Handouts and Information

This folder contains information, handouts, references, and links related to the Foundations module.

Folder Evidence Based Practice


URL Autism Alliance of Michigan

Autism Alliance of Michigan

File Autism Insurance Coverage Fund

Insurance coverage

Topic 2 Folder Peer to Peer Handouts

Peer-to-Peer Handouts

Topic 3 Folder Meeting Mechanics Handouts

   Meeting Mechanics Handouts

Topic 4 Folder Asperger's Handouts

  Handouts for Asperger's Syndrome

Folder Videos


Folder Jedi Code

Jedi Code

Folder Aspergers Module 2015-2016 Contents

ppt and handouts 

Topic 5 Folder Ed. Strategies Handouts

Handouts given to participants

Folder USAPT Contents


Team Member Rating Form

Student USAPT

Student Profile of Change

Topic 6 Folder Data Collection Forms

   Data Collection Forms

Folder Behavior Handouts

   Behavior Handouts

Folder Module PBIS Resources

  Module PBIS Resources

File Power Point

Power Point Handouts

Evidence Based Practices Training Modules Page EBP: Functional Communication
Page EBP: Peer Supports
Page EBP: Social Narrative

Page EBP: Structured Work System