Evidence-Based Practice Briefs

Evidence-based practice (EBP) briefs have been developed for all 24 identified evidence-based practices. Select a practice in the list below to access the overview of the practice and downloadable PDF files for the EBP brief and the individual components. An evidence-based practice brief consists of the following core components:

Components of an Evidence-Based Practice Brief

A general description of the practice and how it can be used with learners with autism spectrum disorders.
Step-by-Step Instructions for Implementation:
Explicit step-by-step directions detailing exactly how to implement a practice, based on the research articles identified in the evidence base.
Implementation Checklist:
The implementation checklist offers a way to document the degree to which practitioners are following the step-by-step directions for implementation, which are based on the research articles identified in the evidence base.
Evidence Base:
The list of references that demonstrate that the practice is efficacious and meets the National Professional Development Center’s criteria for being identified as an evidence-based practice.
Some practices include supplemental materials such as data collection sheets.